About Us

It's confession time: The Sweet Pea bakers used to be dessert snobs.

We used to think that the only sweets worth eating were those made with butter, sugar, flour, and eggs.   While we still think classic desserts are definitely worth the splurge, we've also found a place in our hearts for healthier confections that use nut flours, maple syrup, honey and other all-natural ingredients.   These paleo treats are grain-free and gluten-free, and they still satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth!

Thus, we've decided to offer both classic and paleo selections and operate our business based on the following principles:


To be the premiere traditional and paleo baked goods company serving the online and Raleigh communities, and to be recognized by our clients for quality and customer satisfaction


To serve our customers by satisfying traditional and paleo treat cravings with high-quality products.  We use the finest local, organic ingredients whenever possible and strive to establish an ongoing dialogue with each of our clients to ensure their utmost satisfaction. We also use post-consumer recycled paper and packaging when possible and actively contribute to the community in which we live and work.  


Quality:   Our baked goods are made in small batches using the finest local, organic ingredients whenever possible

Passion:   Our enthusiasm is contagious, and we strive to make a lasting impact

Integrity:   We do the right thing, always



About Me

My name is Kathryn, and I'm the owner and head baker at Sweet Pea Bakery. I was born with a serious sweet tooth, and dessert was a nightly staple in my family. (Fun fact: There's always room for ice cream.  It just fills in any empty spaces in your stomach.). When I was in high school, I bought my first cookbook and instantly found something incredibly satisfying and fulfilling about making my favorite treats from scratch, not to mention I had freshly made baked goods when I was done!  I began giving away homemade treats to my family and friends whenever an occasion arose, and this continued through college and into my career in the corporate world.

In 2011, I discovered CrossFit and quickly left my routine of reading novels while on the elliptical machine to challenge myself both mentally and physically at CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh. I began following the Paleo diet (at least 80%/20%) for my regular meals but I couldn't find any paleo desserts that I liked, so I started tweaking existing recipes and creating some of my own. These experiments occasionally ended in delicious disasters but also led to some of our best sellers - Paleo Pumpkin Spice Bread and Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

After 5 years in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my dream and opened Sweet Pea Bakery.  I hope you enjoy our treats!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at kathryn@sweetpeabakerync.com.